To get our apps virtual options to show up correctly in the email notification, you will need to edit the code.

Here is the notification template for New Order

  • Go to your Shopify dashboard
  • Then Settings
  • Then Notifications
  • Then Templates >  New Order

Replace the template code with the code below.

<p>Hello {{ shop_name }},</p>
<p>{% if %}{{ }}{% else %}Someone{% endif %} placed a new order with your store, {{ date | date: "%b %d %I:%M%p" }}:</p>
<ul>  {% for line in subtotal_line_items %} <li> <img src="{{ line | img_url: 'thumb' }}" /> {{ line.quantity }}x {{ line.title }} {% if line.sku != "" %}(SKU: {{line.sku}}){% endif %} for {{ line.price | money }} each {% for prop in %}<br/>{{prop[0]}}: {{prop[1]}}{% endfor %}</li> {% endfor %} </ul>
<a href="https://{{ shop.permanent_domain }}/admin/orders/{{ id }}">View order {{order_name}} </a>
{% if fulfillment_aborted %}
<p>The above order was not automatically fulfilled because it was flagged as suspicious.</p>{% endif %}
{% if has_high_risks? %}<p><b>Security check:</b></p>
<p>This order has a risk of being fraudulent. Review the order in your store's admin and contact the customer to verify their information.</p>
<p></p>{% endif %}
<p><b>Payment processing method:</b></p>
<p>{{ gateway }}</p>
{% if requires_shipping and shipping_address %}
<p><b>Delivery method:</b></p>
{% for shipping_method in shipping_methods %}<p>{{ shipping_method.title }}</p>{% endfor %}
<p><b>Shipping address:</b></p>
<p>{{ }}</p>
<p>{{ shipping_address.street }}</p>
<p>{{ }}, {{ shipping_address.province }}  {{ }}</p>
<p>{{ }}</p>
<p>{{ }}{% endif %}</p>

{% if shopify_shipping_enabled %}
<p>Save time and money by <a href="{{ fulfillment_url }}">fulfilling with Shopify Shipping</a></p>
{% endif %}

For testing, the "Send Test Notification" won't include line item properties, so you'll need to checkout with a product whose price is set to $0.

You can revert back to the default notification by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "Revert to Default".