Load "Best Fit" and click the "create" button

"Title" is what the title of the size chart is going to be.

"Description above (optional)" is where you put the information about the size chart. you can also use images and style the information.

To add an image click on the image icon

If you align the image left or right the text will wrap around the image.

If you need to add space between the image and the text you can edit that in the advanced section when you add an image

  • Vertical space is the space on the top and bottom of the image
  • Horizontal space is on the left and right
  • "10" for vertical and horizontal is usually good

For the size chart you can create a chart with as many columns and rows that you want.

Then go fill in all your data.

"Description below (optional)" is another area to add text or images. 

"Button Placement" has three options

  • Above Add to Cart - size chart appears above the add to cart button
  • Below Add to Cart- size chart appears below the add to cart button
  • Below Form- size chart appears above the product description

Press "Ok"

On the dashboard make sure to "Save" everything